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Australia is fortunate to have wonderful, unique and iconic wildlife. This site is dedicated to promoting its enjoyment and preservation.
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The complete catalogue of my images is available from Alamy and a lesser number from the RSPCA Photolibrary. Here you will find a large number of images of wildlife, predominantly from Australia, and covering a much wider range of animals than can be shown on this site. These images cover the last few years of my work, during which time I have completed photographic assignments to the UK, India, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and France, as well as many trips around Australia. A more limited release of my images can be found at Science Photo Library, Image Broker, AAP and Photoshot.

Stock photography by Gerry Pearce at Alamy
Stock photography by Gerry Pearce at Alamy
Stock photography by Gerry Pearce at the RSPCA
Stock photography by Gerry Pearce at Science Photo Library